Common financial advice is to pay yourself first; set aside your own savings before you pay any bills.  Yet, what happens if you don’t have enough money to pay yourself first?  What if you can’t set aside $100 or more each month?  How can you continue to save for your goals whether they are establishing a $1,000 emergency fund as Dave Ramsey recommends, saving for a replacement car so you can avoid a car loan, saving for a down payment on a home or simply saving for a vacation?

My husband and I are temporarily in a tight financial situation; he is finishing his Ph.D. and I am staying home to take care of our three children while doing freelance work at night.  While I expect our financial situation to improve in a few months when my husband graduates, we are now in the situation where we have little to save, yet we would like to begin to save for a down payment for a house.  We have found unusual, creative ways to save.  Utilizing these methods won’t get us to our 20% home down payment, but they offer a great way to start saving, and we will add to the savings when our income increases.  If you are trying to save more, try some of these strategies:

Head over to Beating Broke to read my five strategies and how we are using them to our advantage.

What unusual savings strategies do you use? 

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