I love the Christmas season, but every year, I grow a little more disenchanted.  Commercialism seems to be stomping over the holiday.

This year I saw a few Christmas items go on display in late August.  Unfortunately, I am not kidding.

Black Friday, a day that is already known for shoppers who will push, hit and throw punches to get the last of an item at a “sale” price, has been pushed back earlier and earlier.  Now, it starts on Thanksgiving evening.  It will probably start earlier next year.

I love the Christmas season, but I want it to be one season, AFTER Thanksgiving.  I want to focus more on the reason for the season.

If you are burned out by all the buying hype, you will probably enjoy the creation of Giving Tuesday as much as I do.

Giving Tuesday was created by giving institutions to allow people a chance to step back from all of the commercialism and focus on helping other people.  World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization, encourages people to donate to those who are less fortunate.  For instance, if you choose to donate any item designated for U.S. children in the World Vision catalog such as a food pack for $16 that will feed a family of five for one day, all donations during the week of November 26th will go to help those children affected by Hurricane Sandy.

If you don’t have extra cash but would still like to take part in giving Tuesday, look through your pantry and bathroom.  Do you have extra dry goods or toiletries you could donate to your local food bank?  If you have Swagbucks, you could donate those.  There are several organizations Swagbucks donates to including the Red Cross’ Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund and Unicef.

Having the holidays become so commercialized can be disenchanting, but Giving Tuesday is a way to bring the true spirit back to the holiday season.

Have you heard of giving Tuesday?  Do you plan to donate anything today?

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