I’m a big fan of Steve and Annette Economides.  I read their book, America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money, which made me decide to focus more on freezer cooking to save money and to implement the chore system that my children are currently using.

I also am a subscriber to their newsletter.  Recently I saw that they would be presenters at The Financial Hope Conference being held in Phoenix, Arizona this Saturday, January 24, 2015.  I immediately decided that I had to attend.  While our finances are definitely improving since we got gazelle intense a few years ago and since we moved to Arizona, I am always looking for new tools and inspiration to continue to improve our financial situation.

The conference is from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and only costs $25 per family.

Who Will Be Speaking at the Financial Hope Conference?

There will be five presenters at the Financial Hope Conference:

Steve and Annette Economides,

Lynda Hammond,

Bob Blayter, and

Debra Caldwell

Each presenter tackles a different area of personal finance.

Steve and Annette Economides will be offering two sessions.  The first one will be about how to cut your grocery bill in half (without being a super couponer) and the second one will be about how to raise money savvy kids who can be independent and financially confident.

Lynda Hammond, a former news anchor who now runs the website Garage Sale Gal, will talk about how to have a successful garage sale and how to make money from garage sales.

Bob Blayter, a pastor who is the creator of the Financial Hope Conference and Financially Free Seminars, will talk about how to get out of debt.  (This is of particular interest to me because, although our only debt now is a mortgage and student loan debt, I REALLY want those student loans gone.)

Debra Caldwell, a financial advisor who created Caldwell Financial, Inc. 25 years ago, will discuss how to maximize retirement income by using social security to your advantage.  (I hope to share some of this information with my mom, who is already retired.)

What Am I Most Excited About?

I had the pleasure of discussing the Financial Hope Conference with Steve and Annette Economides last week.  First, let me tell you that they were gracious and so easy to talk to!  I can’t wait to meet them in person and to hear them speak.

I am interested in hearing all of the presentations, so it’s hard to pick what most excites me.  However, I’m looking forward to hearing more about how to raise financially confident kids.  (In fact, since Bookworm has taken such an interest in personal finance, I plan to take him with me to this particular session.)

I’m also interested in learning more about how to save on groceries, especially since I need to stretch my money as much as I can considering this year’s $500 every 4 weeks grocery challenge.  Their presentation will cover four areas of grocery shopping–planning, couponing, saving while you’re in the store, and shopping.

When I was on the phone talking to the Economides, they offered a few tips that help them save on their grocery bill.

First, they find small, local ethnic stores that buy class D produce (usually smaller sizes than the other classes).  The ads for these stores are often found online.  Then, they take the ad and price match at Walmart so that they don’t have to run to several different stores.  As a bonus, the produce at Walmart is usually bigger than the class D produce, so you can get more for your money.

Second, try to shop only twice or once a month.  Every time that you set foot in a grocery store, you likely pick up an impulse buy or two.  In fact, 60% of purchases are impulse buys.  Limit how often you go to the store, and you will eliminate impulse buys.

Finally, extend the life of lettuce by putting it in a zippered bag with a paper towel.  Extend the shelf life of produce by washing it in a solution of water and a bit of vinegar when you get home.

Of course, that’s just a small sample of what they will discuss.  I can’t wait to hear the whole presentation!

Look for a recap about the conference on the blog next week.  If you’d like to attend, remember that a ticket for the entire family is just $25!


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