My leave of absence is officially over (sniff, sniff). It is time to check in and see how many goals were accomplished.

Only use up 50% of our savings while on leave. We did not accomplish this goal. We ended up spending 77% of our savings. Now, we will take the remaining 23% and roll it over into new savings to build a cushion for when I quit my job, hopefully next year.

Get grocery bill down to at least $300/month. Not accomplished. We are still averaging around $350 a month. However, we are VERY stocked up, which is a nice feeling.

Create a list of 50-90 meals we enjoy and organize the recipes for them. ACCOMPLISHED. Now that I am so busy, it is nice to just grab my binder and find a quick recipe I know we already love.

Grow my eBay business to 2700-2800 items. Not accomplished. Last month I lowered this goal to 2600 items, but with back to school sales (which I am very grateful for), I could never get higher than 2550 items. Every time I listed 10 or 20 items, I would sell the same number in a few days. But I am not complaining. It is a good problem to have!

Declutter the house!! Nearly accomplished. We cleaned out every area except our bedroom. I posted about the dining room/living room here.

Sell $300 to $500 worth of household items on eBay that we no longer use. ACCOMPLISHED. Thanks to the sales of some big ticket items, I sold $306 from around the house. I have a lot more to list, but it is a matter of finding the time.

Lose 25 to 30 pounds. Not accomplished.

Get a dishwasher. ACCOMPLISHED.

Get a full night’s sleep. ACCOMPLISHED. While you can’t ever accuse my daughter of sleeping in, she does sleep now from 7:30 p.m. to 4:30 or 5 a.m. That is much better than it was earlier in the year.

Have 15 to 30 meals made & in the freezer. ACCOMPLISHED and then some. I have 41 meals stashed away in the freezer. We will begin to dip into those next week, and I am so grateful to have them!

Stay tuned as I plan to post new goals now that I am back to work.

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