You may recall that I challenged myself to spend only $100 in groceries, toiletries and diapers from November 10th to November 30th.  The idea was to save the difference ($200) that I would normally spend were I not having a pantry challenge.

After my last report, I spent an additional $32.80 on groceries (you can see the items here), which brought my overall total to $88.41.  However, I was completely out of diapers.  I went to Babies R Us and ended up buying their Fisher Price diapers on sale.  For each two boxes that you bought, you would get a free Fisher Price toy, up to a $15 value.  Well, we have no toys for the baby for Christmas, so I bought 6 boxes of diapers (with coupons!) and got 3 free toys for the baby for Christmas.  However, I spent $89 getting the diapers.  I also bought a box of Huggies through Amazon for $2.  (You can read about that here.)

So, while I was aiming to spend $100, I ended up spending $179.01.  In my December budget, I have $180 budgeted for groceries.  I will deduct the 79 I overspent during the challenge from that amount.  That will leave me with $101 to spend in groceries from now until December 15th.  I think that is doable.  Then I will still be able to save the $200 from the pantry challenge.

As a final breakdown, for the pantry challenge, I ended up spending $118.92 on diapers and wipes and only $60.09 on groceries and toiletries, which I consider a success.  It has also prompted me to divide these categories in next month’s budget.  I will have a certain amount set for food and a certain amount set for diapers.