This post contains affiliate links.  I was listening to a time management expert who said based on the amount of time we spend on our screens–phones, computers, tv–we will spend 40+ years of our life looking at a screen.  Yikes!  I know my schedule is busy, but I truly believe I can fit in most things I want to fit in if I work on managing my time better and cutting random scrolling.

1st Goal–Getting My Job Done in a Timely Manner

Desk with an open lap top, water bottle and plant on it.
Photo by Mikey Harris on Unsplash

Starting last week, I tried a new experiment.  Usually, I wake up and spend about 40 to 50 minutes on my computer while I “wake up.”  During that time, I read the few blogs I still follow, check all my email accounts, scroll Facebook and Instagram, and watch the local weather.

I work better early in the morning, so I decided to wake up, change my clothes, feed the cat, and get right to work.  By doing this, I can have one hour of work done before I even eat breakfast.  My goal now is to get my daily four hours of work done by noon.  When I achieve this goal, I don’t feel like work takes up my entire life.  I have time for other things.

Now that I feel I have a handle on getting my job done in a timely manner, I have several other goals I want to work into a new routine:

2nd Goal–Get Back in the Homeschool Rhythm

One of my children is a dedicated student and works on her school work without prompting.  I have been very behind on her grading, so with the implementation of getting my job done in the morning, I can now grade her work.  I’m not completely caught up, but I’m getting there.  My next goal is to carve out enough time to also do her science experiments with her, as we’re behind on those, too.

3rd Goal–Exercise

Woman doing an ab crunch
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

I don’t like getting sweaty, so I’ve never been a fan of exercise.  However, now that I’m in my 50s, I am losing muscle strength, and I had my first bone density test, which revealed I have osteopenia–the step before osteoporosis.  I don’t have the option of foregoing exercise anymore.  I have to fit it in regularly and make it a habit.

4th Goal–Learn Japanese

I want to learn Japanese so I can talk to my husband’s family, but the difficulty is always making time for it.  Yet, we’ll be going to Japan more often, so it’s something I need to learn.

5th Goal–Find Time for Me

My kids are getting older and will be out of the house in a few years.  I want to cultivate and nurture my own hobbies so I’m not lost when they leave.  Here are the activities I’d like to find time for:

Play Music

Picture of a French Horn against a black backdrop
Photo by Asher Legg on Unsplash

I used to play the French Horn in middle school, and my daughter’s saxophone teacher found a French Horn used for a good price.  I’ll have it this week, and then I plan to take lessons every other week.  I’ll need to carve out practice time.


For years when my kids were little, I never read.  I missed it so much, but I didn’t have the time.  The last few years, I read 30 to 40 books a year, but with my new job, I had to put reading aside again.  This year my goal is to read 20 books.  I know I don’t have as much time to read as much as I would like, but I do want to regularly read.

Cross Stitch

I used to love cross stitching when I was younger.  It’s harder to do now that I’m older and my eyes aren’t as good as they used to be, but I want to make time to do this.


Loaf of sourdough bread
Photo by Tommaso Urli on Unsplash

One of my goals this year is to master gluten free sour dough, and I’m making good progress on that.  I’d also like to learn how to make processed foods I currently buy like vanilla meringue cookies, tortillas, bread, etc.

Where Do I Go From Here?

I’ve instituted the first positive change–getting my job done during the morning hours–and I’ve started working on getting our homeschooling back on track.  Now, I need to work on the next habit.  I’m thinking it should be exercise.  I’ll let you know in the next few weeks how that goes.

I know you’re likely busy with work and other responsibilities.  How do you manage your time and do all the things you would like to do? I’d love to hear any tips you may have!


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