Welcome to the Festival of Frugality.  I am excited to be hosting this week’s festival, designed to bring readers the best posts around the blog-o-sphere about saving money.   Since I am a history buff, I thought it would also be fun to include some fun facts about what happened on this date throughout the years (with help from peoplehistory.com).

First, the editor’s picks:

Philip Taylor presents 101 Money Skills Everyone Should Have posted at PT Money Personal Finance.

Kim LaCapria presents products that are multi-tasking moneysavers posted at TotallyMoney.

This summer has been brutal in most parts of the country, so Kristia’s post at Family Balance Sheet entitled, 7 Tips to Conserve Water and Save Money is especially timely and useful.

1974:  Ford is sworn in as the 38th president after Nixon resigns

The Best of the Rest:

The Family Wallet presents Ten Green Saving Ideas posted at The Family Wallet.

Fanny presents 6 Driving Habits for Fuel Efficiency posted at Living Richly on a Budget.

Darwin presents Is it Worth the Money for Cord Blood Storage? posted at Darwin’s Money.

No Debt MBA presents What I’m excited for posted at No Debt MBA.

Kelsey presents 5 Reasons the Library Should Become Your Family’s New Best Friend posted at Money Mum.

1936: Jesse Owens wins his 4th Olympic Gold medal in Germany.

Asking About Money presents Profile: George the engineer posted at Asking About Money.

Glen Craig presents The Lure of the Infomercial posted at Free From Broke.

Lindy presents How to Make Your Own Drum Shade Pendant Lamp posted at Minting Nickels.

Alan presents Timing Your Move posted at Canadian Finance Blog.

Matt presents Take a Week Off From Spending posted at Stupid Cents.

1995:  Jerry Garcia is found dead in his room at a rehab clinic.

 The Termagant Speaks offers 10 Thrift Tips for a range of areas in your life.

Money Beagle presents Six Ways to Eliminate Food Waste stating “Use these tips to save by using all the food you buy!”

Matt at Living in Financial Excellence presents, Saving Money on Road Trips: Vacation Cost Cutters stating, “A combination of booking cheaper hotels,borrowing the iPass,and bringing our own food saved us $140-ish for both trips we took this summer.”

Jason at Live Real, Now presents, Zombie Wheels: How to Own a Car that Just Won’t Die, promising, “Consistently keeping up with just these two small things will keep your car running smoothly for a long time.”

1945: The U.S. drops the second atomic bomb, this time on Nagasaki, Japan

 Boomer at Boomer & Echo presents 9 Ways to Avoid Buying Things You Don’t Need stating, “We are so conditioned to buy a new item that we think we need or want, but there are other ways of getting these items without adding to your clutter and saving you money.”

Sustainable PF from Sustainable Personal Finance offers 4 Tips for Cheap Dating.

Pam at Frugal Living presents Say ‘I Do’ to Avoiding Newlywed Money Mistakes stating, “Considering that financial issues are listed as one of the top reasons people divorce, planning how you’ll manage your money as a married couple is much more important than the colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses. So as you get ready to say “I do” as part of your wedding vows, say “I do” to these money vows as well.”

J.E. Cornett at Wallet Watcher presents, Vacationing on a Budget  stating, “It may be too late to work a vacation into your budget this year, but now’s the time to start planning next year’s vacation, both in terms of your destination and your finances. ”

Glen at Parenting Family Money presents, 9 Inexpensive Ways to Amuse Kids over the Summer.

1969:  Actress Sharon Tate and four others are found murdered.  Charles Manson and several of his followers were later conivicted of the crime.

Dr. Dean at The Millionaire Nurse Blog presents, Cramming Charges: 10 Things YOU Need to Know stating, “Have you ever been ripped off? It doesn’t feel good does it? Do you know how high the margin of error on bills is? A lot higher then you might expect so double-check all your bills to make sure you aren’t being crammed with secret or unauthorized charges!”

Crystal at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff presents, How to Save Money on Back to School Shopping.

One Cent presents 6 persons to befriend in order to save money posted at One Cent at a Time.

That concludes this edition of the Festival of Frugality.  Be sure to visit again next week when the carnival will be hosted by Squirrelers.




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