???????????????????????????????Remember a few weeks ago when I really wanted to buy a 1/4 side of local, grass fed beef but we couldn’t afford it?  I did the next best thing and found someone to split it with me.  It was only $252, but coming on the heels of also buying our pork share, well, we’ve overextended the grocery budget.

My hope is that now that we have bulk beef and pork in the freezer and now that our garden is starting to grow, we’ll be able to come in under budget for the next few months and things will even out.

This year, I’m aiming to spend $6,500 total for food for my family.  That amount includes groceries only, NOT toiletries.  We rarely eat out, so the food I buy to prepare at home is what we eat.
Since my husband is paid bi-monthly, the goal is to spend no more than $500 every 4 weeks.  (I don’t calculate the amount spent on a monthly basis but on an every 4 week cycle.)
We try to eat organic veggies and fruit as much as possible, and we try to buy meat that is grass-fed and organic.  We have multiple food intolerances, with the biggies being gluten, corn, and dairy.

Here’s what we bought from April 2nd to April 9th:

Fry’s Trip #1 – $48.25

The only chicken we buy is the natural or organic chicken from Fry’s when it goes on clearance.  We bought a lot a few months ago, but since then we had completely run out.  Finally, one day I find it on clearance again, so I stocked up.  I also bought sausage from their natural line, buy one, get one free.  I thought I could use it to make several meals of sausage and cabbage, but it was so spicy, only my husband liked it.  I guess he’ll have lunch for the next several weeks or so.


Costco – $15.97


Sprout’s Trip #1 – $3.99

Potatoes, pictured in the above Costco picture

Fry’s Trip #2 – $30.11

I found some already grilled chicken from Fry’s natural line on clearance, so I bought them for my mom.  She likes to eat salads, so this is the perfect topping for her.


Sprout’s Trip #2 – $10.07


Beef Share – $252.00

No picture yet because we haven’t picked it up yet.

TOTAL this week: $360.39

TOTAL for this 4 week cycle: $631.95

Remaining for this 4 week cycle: $-81.95 (My mom will be here to visit for 2 weeks this grocery cycle, so I am including an extra $50 in this 4 week cycle to accommodate for that.)

Remaining from the 1st 4 week cycle: $8.65
Remaining from the 2nd 4 week cycle: $1.76
Remaining from the 3rd 4 week cycle: -16.40

Total Deficit or Surplus for the Year: $-5.99

A Recap of This Series:

Week One $241.72

Week Two $185.88

Week Three $59.80

Week Four $28.95
TOTAL for Cycle One: $516.35 (My mom stayed with us for a week, so we raised the grocery budget to $525 to compensate.)
Week Five $378.48

Week Six $57.47

Week Seven $53.80

Week Eight $8.49

TOTAL for Cycle Two: $498.24

Week Nine $323.25

Week Ten $106.62

Week Eleven $40.28

Week Twelve $46.25

Total for Cycle Three: $516.40

Week Thirteen – $271.56

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