???????????????????????????????Our pork share is now completely paid for except the $20 I have to pay upon pick up. We’re waiting on it.  Hopefully it will come soon because our freezer is looking mighty bare!

This year, I’m aiming to spend $6,500 total for food for my family. That amount includes groceries only, NOT toiletries. We rarely eat out, so the food I buy to prepare at home is what we eat.
Since my husband is paid bi-monthly, the goal is to spend no more than $500 every 4 weeks. (I don’t calculate the amount spent on a monthly basis but on an every 4 week cycle.)

We try to eat organic veggies and fruit as much as possible, and we try to buy meat that is grass-fed and organic. We have multiple food intolerances, with the biggies being gluten, corn, and dairy.

Here’s what we bought from March 13th to March 19th:

Sprout’s Trip #1 – $4.01


Costco – $25.96

I stopped in to buy just a few things to tide us over until our next big shopping trip.  I think they’ve reduced the price on some items like the organic carrots and spinach.  They were at a lower price than I ever remember buying them before ($4.49 and $3.69 respectively).


Basha’s – $2.63

I came in for oranges at .39 a pound only to find out that was just a 72 hour sale.  Bummer!  I still got a few things we needed, though.


Sprout’s Trip #2 – 7.68

I couldn’t resist and had to buy a little more cabbage and broccoli before the weekly sale was over.


TOTAL this week: $40.28

TOTAL for this 4 week cycle so far: $470.15

Remaining for this 4 week cycle: $29.85

Remaining from the 1st 4 week cycle: $8.65
Remaining from the 2nd 4 week cycle: $1.76

A Recap of This Series:

Week One $241.72

Week Two $185.88

Week Three $59.80

Week Four $28.95

TOTAL for Cycle One: $516.35 (My mom stayed with us for a week, so we raised the grocery budget to $525 to compensate.)

Week Five $378.48

Week Six $57.47

Week Seven $53.80

Week Eight $8.49

TOTAL for Cycle Two: $498.24

Week Nine $323.25

Week Ten $106.62

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