I was looking for a new chili recipe that was less heavy on the tomato base, and I found a great one that has added its way into our regular cooking schedule.  I found the original recipe on Food.com, and I have modified it just slightly.  I think the secret to this one is the little bit of cinnamon.

Chili De Three Amigos

1 onion – .28

1 lb. ground turkey – 2.28 at Costco

2 tbsp. olive oil – .10

1 can black beans – .79

1 can garbanzo beans – .79

1 can kidney beans – .79

1 can diced tomatoes – .79

2 cups chicken broth – .50 (I use homemade)

1/8 tsp. cinnamon – .03

1/4 tsp. cumin – .05

Total = 6.40, but serves 6

-Saute onions in olive oil in a large pan until soft

-Add turkey and brown. Drain the fat.

-Add everything else.

-Let simmer 30 minutes, covered, on low

Serves 6.

Costs 1.07 per serving, or $4.28 for a family of 4.

If you would like to cut costs even further, I experimented with only using 1/2 lb. of turkey and adding additional beans, and that batch tasted good too.  Also, dry beans would also further reduce the cost.

I shared this post at $5 Dollar Dinners

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