I’m not an artist. . .at all, but my kids really love art, so I try to find ways to bring art into our days.  We’ve been privileged to have several art reviews, and I’ve also found some good free resources that we really enjoy.

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Paid Programs


We’ve had the pleasure of reviewing several levels of ArtAchieve.  While this program mainly has art projects for grades 4 and up, Level 1 has plenty of art projects for lower elementary grades.  The lessons are lead by John Hofland, who explains step by step how to create the art.  However, he also encourages children to use their own creativity, which I love.  Interspersed throughout the art lessons are details about other countries and cultures, which we also loved.

Creating a Masterpiece

If you have a child who is a budding artist, Creating a Masterpiece is the program for you.  The lessons are lead by Sharon Hofer; some lessons are appropriate for children as young as four.  Students will be able to try a variety of mediums as Hofer takes them step by step through the process.

You Are an Artist

Bookworm’s Beach Umbrella chalk pastel drawing.

I love You Are an Artist because it only requires chalk pastels and paper.  Yet, with these limited, low cost supplies, your children can create beautiful works of art.  The lessons are quick, usually less than 10 minutes, and easily accessible to lower elementary students as well as older students.  All lessons are taught by Nana, a retired artist.  The lessons are also themed, such as spring, space exploration, etc., so you can tailor the art lessons to the other subjects you are studying.

Free Programs

Mr. P Studies

We LOVE Mr. P.  He is an art teacher at an elementary school, and he films his art lessons and puts them on YouTube.  My kids love Mr. P because he is funny and silly, yet he does a great job of teaching the techniques to make the art projects.  Some of my kids’ favorite projects from Mr. P include Chalk Pastel City Scapes and City Scenes.

If you homeschool, what is your and your kids’ favorite art program?

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