This month I vowed to track all of my variable expenses.  (This report does not include our fixed expenses like rent and school tuition.)  I am doing that, and I will share with you each week every expenditure we had.  I hope you will link up your spending reports too.

(Note:  I round up my totals to the nearest dollar because I use the change for laundry money and eventually to give me a snowflake.)

Tuesday, May 1

$9 – Jewel
$61 – organic delivery
$50 – husband’s transportation money for two weeks

Wednesday, May 2nd:

$47 daughter’s clothes
$37 wedding present
$10 son’s allowance
$7 Jewel

Thursday, May 3rd:

$12 library fees (we forgot about some DVDs we checked out, so the fees racked up quickly!)

Friday, May 4th:

$110 babysitter
$62.20 gas (on a Costco cash card)
$135 Costco ($96 groceries; $39 diapers)
$11 Jewel ($9 husband’s spend money; $2 groceries)

Saturday, May 5th:

$13 Whole Foods ($3 groceries; $10 my spending for son’s First Communion cake)

Sunday, May 6th:

$25 Qdoba (son’s restaurant of choice to celebrate his first communion)

Total for the week – $552.20

By category, our spending broke down like this:

Groceries–$178(almost half my monthly total already!  Time to eat from the freezer and pantry!)

Gas—112.20 ($50 for my husband and $62.20 for family vehicle)


Husband’s spending–$9

My spending–$10

Clothing account–$47

Son’s allowance–$10


Miscellaneous–$37 library fees & gifts

What did I learn so far?

The little trips to the grocery store are killing our budget.  I stopped to just pick up a few things 4 out of 6 days this week.

This week we plan to eat from the freezer and pantry to curb grocery spending.  Also, last week was my son’s First Communion, which is part of the reason why our expenses were a bit higher than normal.  This week should be rather uneventful, so I am going to aim to have 2 to 3 days this week where I don’t spend anything.

For those of you who also tracked your spending, link up your post or share in the comments.


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