I’ve never enjoyed exercising.  Sometimes, especially in college, I would make exercising every day a priority.  After about a month, it became a habit, and then I didn’t hate doing it so much.  I honestly can’t say, though, that I’ve ever loved exercising.  I hate getting sweaty.

So, for a mama who really doesn’t like exercising, putting it as a priority for my kids is a challenge.

Here’s how we try to make sure our kids get enough exercise:


Hiking.  Since we’ve moved to Arizona, we’ve enjoyed hiking, especially during the winter and spring when temperatures are cooler.  My husband often takes the kids on a hike on Saturday and/or Sunday.  This is a great way to exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise.  (My favorite kind of exercise!)

Biking.  Several times a week, Bookworm heads out for a 30 minute bike ride.  I think growing teen boys especially need to get out and get some exercise.  The girls also like to go bike riding a few times a week, usually with my husband in the evening or weekend.

Outdoor play.  Come May, we’ll spend most of our time indoors in air conditioning because the heat will be stifling.  Right now, though, the temperatures are in the 70s and just lovely.  I make sure every afternoon after lunch to send the girls outside to play for 30 minutes to an hour.

Co-op play.  When our co-op is in session, Bookworm plays street hockey and the girls take dance and gymnastics.  Our co-op is on hiatus for a semester.  If it doesn’t end up resuming in the fall, I’ll sign the girls up for a dance class somewhere and Bookworm for some type of martial arts class.

Park day.  Once a month our homeschool group meets to play in the park.  I make going there a priority because the kids get exercise and they get to hang out with their friends.

Walk with mom.  In the summer, I tend to get up early and take a walk around 6 a.m. to beat the heat.  I often take one of the kids with me, alternating every morning.

So, that’s how we try to get in exercise in our home.  It’s not enough, but it’s something.

How do you find time to exercise yourself?  How do you make sure your kids get enough exercise?

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