I am coming up on the 1 year anniversary of the beginning of our gazelle intensity when paying down our debt.  While our intensity has come to a halt thanks to some hefty medical bills and a $500 cut in my husband’s pay this month and next month (but that is a separate post), we were still able to accomplish quite a bit in a year’s time on a  limited income.

How did we make progress?  In small steps.  In the beginning, I returned some items I didn’t need and hadn’t opened and got some money back.  It went right on our debt snowball.  All the loose change went in a jar and was snowflaked periodically.  I had the good luck to find some cash in my winter coat pocket when I took it out for the season, and that went straight to debt.

Little by little, the amounts added together made an impact, and the amount we paid off began to grow.

Every dollar helps.

Once you have paid down your debt, apply the same principle and discipline to saving money and growing wealth.

Every dollar helps.

That is why I am so happy to join up with other bloggers to offer a debt snowflake giveaway.

Enter to win for your chance to win a $25 PayPal deposit or gift card or one of 5 $5 PayPal deposits or gift cards.

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This giveaway runs from October 15th to October 26th.

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