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In our house, we generally always use olive oil for our cooking and our salad dressings.  I love the flavor of olive oil, that it can withstand temperatures up to 375 to 400, which is the temperature that we use for most of our cooking, and that it’s one of the few oils my body can handle without stomach upset.  Recently, we had the chance to review European Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and we loved it, especially when we made Keto Turkey Burgers.

About European Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I received four 100 mL bottles of Olitalia Olive Oil, each with a different purpose.  (One was for meat, one for vegetables, one for pasta and one for fish.)  These lines of oils were developed specific for each purpose, and they can be used for cooking and as seasoning.

Olitalia believes all great cooking revolves around great oil. Olitalia is the #1 brand most used by chefs in Italy and is now available for home cooking in the US. Look for Olitalia at Eataly locations.

I learned that there are many varieties of European Extra Virgin Oil and that the taste and the color depends on when the olives were picked and the region that they’re from.

European Extra Virgin Olive Oil Review

Many Europeans keep a variety of olive oils in their pantry to use depending on the flavor they want and food they are cooking.  I’m glad that these oils are now available in the United States as I think we tend to rely too much on other oils when olive oil is so flavorful.

Delicious Recipes Highlighting Olive Oil

When I received my olive oil, I also received nine recipe cards.

European Extra Virgin Olive Oil Review

Many of the recipes looked good, but the Keto Low Carb Turkey Burgers really caught my eye.  I made this easy meal on a Friday night, and I was surprised that everyone in my family loved it!

I loved that recipe only took me about 10 minutes to assemble.  Even better, the turkey burgers took just 15 minutes to cook in the oven.

We’re not usually turkey burger fans because they can be so dry, but this recipe had some olive oil in the burger, making it deliciously moist and flavorful.  This is definitely a meal we plan to make again.

You can find the nine recipes I received as well as many more at Flavor Your Life.  Some other recipes I want to try include the Tuna Stuffed Avocado with Basil and Bell Peppers as well as the Spaghetti Squash Caprese.

Tips for Cooking with and Storing Olive Oil

During the course of this review, I learned several things including how to use a variety of olive oils.  I have always just used one type, but now I’d like to seek out different types to enhance the food we cook.

Even though we use olive oil all the time, little did I know that we were storing it incorrectly.  The Flavor Your Life website says that olive oil should be stored in a cool, dark place.  Fifty-seven degrees is optimal.  In addition, you’re not supposed to store the oil by the stove, which is exactly where we keep it.  We’ll be moving it now.

If you’d like to learn more about European Extra Virgin Olive Oil as well as the various types available, be sure to check out the Flavor Your Life website.

Available at Eataly locations

Go to https://www.olitalia.com/ww-en/ and follow us at https://www.instagram.com/olitalia.it/

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