Stephen King seems to write two kinds of books–more realistic fiction like 11/22/63 and Misery, and science fiction books.  I tend not to like the science fiction books.

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Elevation seemed to be one of the more realistic books, so I was excited to read it, especially since there was a wait list at the library.  But, wow, there’s no way to put it, this book was a disappointment.

The story follows Scott Carey, a web designer who lives in the small town of Castle Rock, Maine.  A same sex couple moves into the town and opens a vegetarian Mexican restaurant.  Even though the food is great, the restaurant is soon dying and the couple snubbed because one of the women was overly vocal about their same-sex relationship and alienated the town, which would prefer the couple be quieter about their relationship.

Scott, too, has a difficult relationship with the couple, who happen to be his new neighbors.

Amidst all of the town drama, Scott has his own drama.  Even though his body is not changing physically (he still looks like an overweight man), he is losing weight at a dramatic rate.

This novella has these two main story lines, but while King tries to make a climax and conclusion to the first story line, Scott’s story line is never really resolved.  Why is he losing weight so rapidly?  There is so much more that could be explored in the second story line, and it just isn’t.

I give this book 2.5 out of 5 stars on the Mom’s Plans’ scale.


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