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In this week’s eating healthy gluten free dairy free food on a budget, we went over budget.  Oops!  Luckily, we’ve been under budget the rest of the month, so I had some wiggle room.  I was able to stock up on organic apples and bacon and also buy some more of the items we need for Thanksgiving dinner.

(Our turkey will show up in next week’s grocery report.  These grocery reports run about a week behind, so this report is for November 11 – 17th.)

Here’s what I bought this week:

Local Apple Orchard – $33

We got 40 lbs. of Pink Lady organic apples for $33.  We actually got these about 10 days ago, and I forgot to put them in last week’s grocery report.  Oops.  (We LOVE apples.)

$33 in stock up groceries.

Fry’s & Natural Grocers- $49.33

We bought some gluten free bread for Thanksgiving, and found bacon on clearance.  Hello, stock up time!!

Eating Healthy Gluten Free Dairy Free Food on a Budget

$21.94 for weekly groceries; $27.39 for stock up groceries

Trader Joe’s & Natural Grocers- $65.38

We found Daiya pizzas on clearance for $5.32 each, so we bought two for an emergency dinner some time.  We also bought potatoes and pecans for our Thanksgiving dinner.

Eating Healthy Gluten Free Dairy Free Food on a Budget

$65.38 for weekly groceries.

Costco & Fry’s- $64.66

Not sure why I don’t have a picture of this trip, but at Costco we bought olive oil, chips, 4 lbs. of red grapes, corn chips, Brussel sprouts and a 6 pack of romaine lettuce.  At Fry’s, I bought broccoli, clementines, asparagus, and clearance yogurt for my husband.

$64.66 for weekly groceries.

Week 4 Totals

This week we spent $60.39 in stock up groceries and $151.98 in weekly groceries.

Week 4 Total: $212.37

Yearly Totals:

Stock Up Groceries: $274.16

Weekly Groceries: $399.74

Week 1 Total: $106.79

Week 2 Total: $223.12

Week 3 Total: $131.54

November Total: $673.82

Weekly Average: $168.45

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