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I keep hoping to find good sales so we can more easily be eating healthy gluten free dairy free food on a budget, but I’m not finding much.  Around the big holidays, I find most of the dirt cheap food is NOT gluten free or dairy free.  Still, I found some good deals, and thankfully this week I was under budget.

Here’s what I bought this week:

Fry’s – $8.94

I was so glad to find this ground turkey on clearance.  On WW (Weight Watchers), extra lean ground turkey is 0 points, so I immediately cooked up 2 packages and made 5 Ingredient Chili (from My FreezEasy), and the whole meal was 0 points.  Yes!  The rest of the turkey is in the freezer for later.

Natural Grocer’s -$7.96

Natural Grocer’s has the best price for the kind of eggs we buy–$1.99 for a dozen, so I bought 4 cartons there.  (No picture)

Fry’s & Sprout’s – $18.95

Just basics here–breakfast sausage and bread.  $11.97 for weekly groceries; $6.98 for stock up groceries (we’ll use two of those packages of sausage next week).

Azure Standard – $16.85

Azure Standard has the cheapest price I’ve found for many of my seasonings and vanilla, so I bought those.  I also bought a 5 lb. package of green split peas.  $16.98 on stock up groceries.

Fry’s, Trader Joe’s, Natural Grocer’s, & Sprout’s – $78.84

This was our large trip for the week.  I’ll admit, it’s really taking me a while to get used to using dried beans; I miss the convenience of canned beans!  I also stocked up on Sprout’s frozen peas and carrots.  I can’t eat corn, so I can’t easily find frozen bags of mixed veggies; this is the closest I can find.  Grass fed ground beef was $3.99 a pound, so I bought two packages and put some in the freezer for later.

Fry’s – $9.98 stock up; $11.53 weekly; Trader Joe’s $9.96 weekly; Natural Grocers – $7.71 weekly; Sprout’s – $8.00 stock up; 31.66 weekly

Week 3 Totals:

This week we spent $50.88 in stock up groceries and $80.66 in weekly groceries.

Week 3 Total: $131.54

November Totals:

Stock Up Groceries: $213.77

Weekly Groceries: $247.76

Week 1 Total: $106.79

Week 2 Total: $223.12

November Total: $461.45

Weekly Average: $153.81

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