Everyone should have a plan for later on in life and being able to retire in style is something we all aspire to do. Realizing this dream is easier if you have some clear goals in mind so here are some easy-to-implement ideas that should see you retire in the standard to which you’ve become accustomed.

Getting your finances in order

It’s been estimated that you will need approximately £121,000 on top of your full state pension ($154,206 U.S. dollars) to retire with a decent standard of living. By knowing how much you need you can work towards that target with a combination of savings, investments or pensions.

Take the time to do your sums and calculate how much your pension will be worth by the time you retire and if your investments are working hard enough for you.

Location, location, location

ffba4e2a8b084dafa39c7cc97ceaddb8For the majority of our lives, the place we live is either dictated by where we work or where our children go to school. At different stages in our lives certain locations will suit us better for both these two key factors and also for the lifestyle we want to enjoy.

Retiring means that we are no longer beholden to our children’s school needs or an employer. Moving to that quaint rural village or quiet harbour that you’ve always dreamed of can now be a reality.

Many of us are living longer these days so assisted living arrangements may very well come into the equation too.

Stay healthy

Staying healthy is the easiest way to stay happy in your golden years. There’s no point in having everything you’ve wished for if you’re not well enough to enjoy it.

Start now by making sure that you eat a balanced and healthy diet. Keeping active will keep your weight and your blood pressure down and make sure that your joints move freely as you grow older.  This will be a lot easier if you begin a strong routine now and get into the habit of walking to the shops instead of driving everywhere.

Regular checkups will highlight any potential problems, allowing you to concentrate on certain aspects of your health before they cause any unexpected difficulties.


Several studies have shown that people with an active social life live longer, happier lives. If you’ve spent time bringing up a family it’s easy to lose touch with old friends, and there rarely seems time to make and keep new ones.

A good way to increase your circle of friends is to take part in volunteer work, become active in local organisations, or take up a hobby such as playing golf.

What are you doing to prepare for your retirement?

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