???????????????????????????????PB & J Girl turned 6 recently!  She wanted a yellow cake with chocolate frosting.  The cake mix was easy enough to find.

The frosting, not so much.

PB & J Girl is intolerant to gluten, dairy, and corn, among other things.  I looked at all of the ready made frostings at the store, and I couldn’t find one that didn’t have something she was intolerant to.

I decided to make chocolate icing using powdered sugar, but that was ruled out once I realized powdered sugar had corn in it.  Seriously.  Who knew?

So, I improvised, and what a tasty improvisation it was!

After I baked her cake and it had cooled about 10 minutes, I sprinkled Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips on top.  Then, I put the pan back in the still warm oven for about 2 minutes.

When I pulled out the cake, I simply spread the softened chips around, and voila, PB & J Girl had her yellow cake with chocolate frosting.  And the melted chocolate chips on top tasted much better than canned frosting!

For an added flourish, we added white sugar sprinkles which gave the frosting a nice little crunch.

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