Easy DIY Tween Devil Halloween Costume

This post contains affiliate links. For months, PB & J Girl wanted to be a hula dancer for Halloween.  One of her American Girl books (Kit’s book, I believe), had a drawing of three girls dressed as hula dancers, and that’s what she had her heart set on being.  Then, suddenly, just a few days ago, she decided to go as a devil and Cuddle Bug as an angel.  Thankfully, we hadn’t bought her costume yet!  As I mentioned in my Reusable Halloween Costumes post, I’m not a big fan of buying a costume that will only be used once.  So PB & J Girl and I decided to create her own easy DIY tween devil Halloween costume.

We searched the web for devil Halloween costumes.  However, I wasn’t impressed with how sexy some of the costumes were, especially for girls.  That was the first reason we decided not to buy a devil Halloween costume.  Plus, I didn’t want to spend $25 to $30 for a costume she would only wear once.

The Base of the Devil Costume

We headed to Target and found a casual burgundy color dress that she can wear to church.  This formed the base of the costume.  We also bought black tights, which she can wear again.  Those clothes cost approximately $22.  I was fine paying for these because she can wear the clothes all this fall and winter, thanks to warm Arizona temperatures.

Easy DIY Tween Devil Costume

Accessories for the Devil Costume

She wanted to buy a devil’s trident, but instead, we turned to the web and found a tutorial for an origami trident.  PB & J Girl made her own changes by making the middle prong larger than the other two.

Next, we searched how to make devil’s horns and found an easy devil’s horns tutorial.

We had all of the items she needed to make the trident and horns, so those were free.

She loves crafts, so she had a lot of fun making this easy DIY tween devil Halloween costume.  I loved that I didn’t spend my money on a costume that can only be worn once.  Instead, we bought clothes she can wear for the upcoming months.

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