At school, my son has been learning about Earth Day and ways to be friendlier to the planet.  He is asking us to unplug electronics when they are not in use, and he wants to walk to school (which is a good thing, because with the price of gas, we may just be walking the mile to school as soon as it feels like spring here).

The school is also trying to get the parents involved.  Yesterday, they sent home a letter about having kids bring reusable lunch containers to school.  I was shocked to read:

-An average school age child using a disposable lunch contributes 67 pounds of waste per school year!

-My son’s school has 340 or so students, so the information went on to say that would be 16,080 pounds of waste for his school per year.

While there are many places we could try to lower our carbon footprint, we actually do a pretty good job with lunches.  I eat at home with the girls, but my son and husband both pack their lunches in Easy Lunchboxes every day.  We have had these for 9 months and have used them daily, but they show very little wear.  I love them!  (You can read my full review of them here.)  They both also carry a reusable water bottle with them.

My son went through a period of begging for fruit cups, but when I found out it was just because he wanted the juice with the fruit, I started packing him homemade fruit cups with leftover bean and rice containers from Chipotle.  My husband also experimented with making homemade lunchables.  These were a hit, but when he packed them again, he separated the cheese from the crackers as he found that putting them together in the morning tended to make the crackers soggy.

More often than not, packing a homemade lunch with a reusable container is a clear winner financially and environmentally.

What are some of your tips for environmentally (and financially) friendly lunches?

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