Bookworm is a geography nut.  Last year, he finished in 3rd place for the local geography bee.  He simply can’t get enough geography.  We recently had the chance to try out Drawing Around the World: Europe by Brookdale House.  We chose Europe because Bookworm is still learning many of the locations of European countries.

About Drawing Around the World: Europe

 Brookdale House Review

Drawing Around the World: Europe is part of The Geography Drawing Series, which also includes Drawing Around the World: USA.  We received the ebook, which costs $22.95.  (The print book costs $25.95.)

This program is not a full geography program.  Rather it’s meant to teach children to draw, from memory, the continent of Europe.  By the end of the program, students should be able to draw many, if not all, of the European countries from memory, understand the relative position of the countries to one another, and have a greater understanding of each country.

These are the suggested activities for each day:

Day 1
IMG_6297Students start day 1 by learning about the country that they’re studying for the week.  They’re asked to find out facts such as the country’s population, cultures, major religions, climate, etc.

There are suggestions for websites and inexpensive books to use to find this information.  We used Prayercast, which was one of the recommended sites.  In addition, students locate the country on the map and draw all the countries that they’ve previously studied.

Day 2
IMG_6295Locate the country they are studying this week on the map and draw all the countries they’ve previously studied.

Day 3
Do the same activities as day 2.

Day 4
List from memory the countries studied so far, and draw from memory all of the countries they have learned.

Our Experience Using Drawing Around the World: Europe

Bookworm used this program 4 to 5 days a week for several weeks during the review period.  Monday took the longest, usually about 20 minutes.  The rest of the days’ assignments were fairly quick–5 to 10 minutes.  As students get further into the program and learn more countries, I imagine they’ll spend more time on days 2 through 4.

What We Liked about the Program

Both Bookworm and I liked what the program was trying to do.  Bookworm couldn’t draw any of the European countries before he used the program, and now he can easily draw the ones he studied and knows where they’re located on a blank map.

In addition, Bookworm felt that the amount of research required for each country was perfect.  He also enjoyed using the suggested link,, and I liked that it was a safe Internet site.  Bookworm found it interesting to see what you should pray about (three prayers for every country), and the site gave good information on the country without going overboard.

Bookworm felt that the program wasn’t too hard, but it wasn’t too easy.  He thought it was just perfect for his level (6th grade).

What We Disliked about the Program

Even though the repetition of the days’ work was necessary to memorize the countries’ shapes and locations, Bookworm found it a bit dry.

In addition, he wished that the program would show him how to make the country the first time he had to draw a new one.  He felt the program is good for artistic people who learn by doing.  (Please note that even though this is Bookworm’s opinion, the program specifically states that students do not have to be artistic and don’t have to draw the countries’ shapes perfectly.)

We were one of 100 people to review a variety of Brookdale House programs including Writing through Ancient History, Writing through Medieval History, and The Fun Spanish, to just name a few.  To read more reviews, click on the link below:

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