Last week I had the pleasure of giving away a ticket to the Old Schoolhouse Expo.  If you’re interested, this Expo starts August 19th and runs through the 23rd.  You’ll virtually have access to all of the big names in homeschooling:

Ray Comfort Carol Topp
Dean Butler Adam Andrews
Todd Wilson Andrew Pudewa
Jessica Hulcy Ann Dunagan
Diana Waring Christine Field
Dr. Jay Wile David C. Gibbs III
Hal & Melanie Young David Stelzl
Kim Kautzer Davis Carman
Antony Kolenc Evonne Mandella
Terri Johnson Tyler Hogan
Andy Harris Marie Rippel
Jennifer Courtney Deborah Wuehler
Joaquin Fernandez Heather Laurie
Malia Russell and MORE!

I’ve already marked a number of sessions I plan to listen to.  Even better, you don’t have to be available when the talk is taking place live.  The event will be recorded, and your ticket also covers the cost of the recording.

Go to today if you’re interested and get signed up for an event that will leave you equipped, refreshed, encouraged, and ready to tackle a new school year.

Are you planning to attend?

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