A few months ago, I was reordering my checks from Checks in the Mail. As I was checking out, I saw that they had a box for a discount code. I did not have a code, but I decided to open another browser window and see if I could find a code by typing in “Checks in the Mail discount code.” Sure enough, I found one and received $2 off my $14 order.

Just last week, I was purchasing a restaurant.com certificate for a Mexican restaurant my husband and I were going to. The price was $15, which would give us $25 off our order at the restaurant. However, I once again opened another browser window and typed in “restaurant.com discount code” as my search. After opening a few links, many of which had expired codes, I found a valid code, so our certificate that would have cost $15 only ended up costing $6. I saved $9 by taking another minute (if that) to search for a discount code.

If you haven’t tried this, try it. You will be amazed by all the discounts you can find!

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