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Around here, coffee is important.  My husband can’t function with out his morning cup (or two, or three).  In fact, he drinks several cups throughout the day.  My mom got him a single cup brewer for Christmas, and he has enjoyed trying all the various cups.  Now there is one more to add to his repertoire:  Peet’s Coffee has just added single cup sizes.

If you’d like to try them (like we do!), Peet’s has made that easy with their new program, Do You Give a Cup?  Simply follow the link to learn more.  Each week Peet’s will post about topics and ask Americans to vote.  Your vote can help determine where Peet’s will go next to give away free samples.   (Make sure to also follow them on Twitter to learn the exact location where they will be.)   In addition, you can also get coupons at the site.  Win, win!

Since Peet’s asked, I thought I’d answer.   What do I give a cup about?  I give a cup about enjoying summer with my family.  We just enjoyed celebrating the 4th of July with a bbq, a trip to the garden and playground and lots of time playing games together.  The girls are still to little to enjoy the fireworks, but we watched some awesome Macy’s New York fireworks thanks to You Tube right before bedtime.

Now that the major summer holiday is over, we’re looking forward to spending more time enjoying the gorgeous weather and picking yummy fruits like blueberries.  Bookworm has turned into a serious kitchen assistant, and I’m so grateful for that!  In only a few short weeks we’ll be back to the grind and starting school, so now’s the time to relax and enjoy!

Head over to Peet’s new program to share what you Give a Cup about!

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