When I had my No Spending Month back in June, I started looking very carefully at my receipts. (Every penny counts!)

I had a stack of coupons at Jewel, but only a few scanned. I did not notice this until I had the groceries and my daughter in the car, so it would have been easy to just let it slide. I probably would have if we weren’t on such a tight budget. Instead, I took my daughter and the groceries back out and went to the customer service desk. For my effort, I received back the $2.75 I should have been credited for the coupons.

At a little local store, I got ½ pound of cheese from the deli. I noticed that they charged me $1.00 more per pound than was advertised. That was another .50 saved.

I bought apples at the store that were supposed to be $2.50 per bag, but I was charged $3.49. I didn’t catch this mistake. It cost me .99.

I went to Jewel and bought 3 packages of tortillas which were priced at 3/2.00. They scanned at 1.99 EACH! I went to the customer service desk and got back $4.02.You have probably heard that you should check your receipts, and before my No Spending Month I did do it casually. Now I see over time the savings can really add up.

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