For the most part, our main living areas and the kids’ bedroom are fairly organized and clean.  (I’m not big on cleaning, so I’m sure those places would make a neat freak shutter, but they are mostly presentable.)

However, we have three problem areas–the finished basement, the kitchen, and our bedroom.  We took the tiny bedroom, which is about 10′ x 9′, so when it’s cluttered, the clutter overwhelms the room.

When I saw that Money Saving Mom was challenging people to deep clean one of their bedrooms, I decided to tackle our bedroom.  Here are the embarrassing before pictures:


And after just 45 minutes of tidying, purging, and organizing, here are the after pictures:


It’s amazing how much more peaceful and relaxing the space feels. Now, the next two big places to tackle our the kitchen (our central headquarters for clutter, it seems) and our disastrous basement.

For now, though, I’m happy to get this one room done. I should be able to work in here much easier this weekend!

I shared this post at Money Saving Mom.

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