In part I of this post, I outlined the long path through my husband’s educational career and my full-time career. You can read that post here.

We have two choices—I can keep working and he can keep taking care of the kids. He probably won’t be able to graduate for another two years. Neither of us is satisfied with this option. Or, we can take a huge leap of faith, and I can quit my job to take care of the kids while he finishes his degree and graduates no later than December, 2010.

We have thought long and hard about this. We have prayed about it.

I am not good with leaps of faith. When I was 17, I worked at a dry cleaners. I went to school with the boss’ granddaughter. The hours were perfect for school—3 to 7 p.m., and the pay was decent. However, the granddaughter and another girl who worked there regularly stole anything—money, sometimes drugs—anything customers left in the pockets. They made fun of me endlessly for not doing the same. I was miserable, but I was also loathe to give up my job security. The final straw came when a woman left her diamond ring in her skirt pocket and the granddaughter and her boyfriend took it to be appraised. I couldn’t stand to be in that environment anymore, so I finally quit. After I had done it, I regretted not quitting earlier.

I have held my job for nearly 10 years. I have enjoyed it, but as our family grows and I watch our children growing, I wish I was able to stay at home as I would like. Kids grow so fast! I am thankful for the security my job has brought us and for the fact that we have not had to incur any student loan debt during my husband’s education. However, both my husband and I feel if I continue to work full-time while we have three children, his education will continue to take a back seat to the rest of our lives. It is time for the leap of faith.

We are trying to save 5 months’ living expenses before the baby is born in April. We may need to take out student loans. At this point, we both feel okay about doing so because we have avoided it so far and it may be a necessary evil to final propel my husband to graduation. My husband can get an assistantship in the fall, and I could always work part-time. I also want to grow my eBay business more before the baby comes. I would also like to pursue freelance writing from home.

If we get VERY desperate, I have a nice retirement we could tap into, but I would NEVER do that unless we were literally about to become homeless. Still, it is a nice comfort.

You may notice my money saving kicking into high gear. We only have a few months left with a steady income. Next week I will outline my business goals for the year with the idea of quitting my job in mind.

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