For 3 weeks, from November 29 through December 20, 2012, we are having a no spend challenge.  (Actually, a spend less challenge.)  We have set aside $300 for gas, transportation, entertainment, Christmas gifts, and groceries.

We spent a bit too much money last week ($160.97), so we tightened the purse strings this week.

Here is what we spent:

12/7: $5 for husband’s transportation

12/9:  $73.19 groceries at Whole Foods & Trader Joe’s

12/10:  $5 for husband’s transportation

12/11:  $10 for husband’s transportation

Total:  $93.19

Total for the challenge so far:  $254.16

Remaining left for the last week:  $45.84

Houston, we have a problem.

The biggest problem is that I have not put any gas in the car since this challenge began, and the car is close to empty.  I will have to put in some gas, and my husband will have to have some more money for transportation.


Things are about to get interesting.