For 3 weeks, from November 29 through December 20, 2012, we are having a no spend challenge.  (Actually, a spend less challenge.)  We have set aside $300 for gas, transportation, entertainment, Christmas gifts, and groceries.

This week was a fairly low key week with one exception.  We celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary.  We never go out to eat anymore because it is so difficult with all of my dietary issues, but we decided to head to Outback Steakhouse as a family to celebrate our anniversary.  Even though my meal was very plain, we all enjoyed the trip.  It was a nice change of pace from our usual homemade meals.  Hopefully, the meal out didn’t damage our budget too much.

Here is what we spent:

11/30 – $8 My husband’s beer

12/2 – $23.72 Whole Foods for groceries

12/2 – $41.96 Trader Joe’s for groceries

12/2 – $43 Outback Steakhouse anniversary dinner

12/3 – $10 husband’s transportation

12/5 – $16.31 Whole Foods for groceries

12/5 – $17.98 Christmas present

Total: $160.97

Hhhhmm, we are 7 days into the challenge, and we have spent a little more than half of our allotted money.  Not good.  We have 14 more days to go, so next week, no splurges!

We now have $139.03 left for 14 days or $9.93 a day.  The tricky part?  My husband will need to fill his transportation card soon, and our car is getting low on gas.

I’ll update next week and let you know how we are doing!

What are your favorite tips for saving money?


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