I used to share our budget every month, and it was one of the most popular features on the blog.

However, as my husband began to advance in his professional career, he was no longer comfortable with me sharing all of our financial details online.  I completely respect that, and for about a year now, we haven’t shared our budget.  However, he did say it was fine if I shared our budget giving percentages rather than dollars, so that’s what I plan to do every month now.

Besides, doing so always held me accountable before.  I’m hoping it holds me accountable again.

The Caveats

A few details about our budget.  My husband’s income is the same every month, but my income varies.

We’ve created a budget based on my average income.  Some months I may make more, and some months I may make less.  In general, my income can range from 35 to 50% of our total income.

The Budget

Fixed Expenses  (57.91575%)

Rent  36.25% (this also includes all of our utilities because the landlord pays those for us)
Phone  .38125%
Internet  1.4595%
Laundry  .5%
Business Expenses  8.5%
Music Lessons  1%
Life Insurance   1.95%
Husband’s Student Loans   7.875%

Variable Expenses  (approximately 34.125%)

Charity  1.375%
Misc   2%
Groceries  18.75%
Fuel   5%
Spending Money   1%
Medical   5%
Toiletries   1%

Savings  (8.08425%)

(I don’t spend out of every category like clothing each month.  Instead, I set the money aside for when we need it.)

Clothing  .75%
Emergency Fund  1%
Car Repairs  1%
Homeschool Fund  1%
Car Insurance   1.4%
Rent Insurance  .25%
Cat Care/Vet   .375%
Gifts   .375%
Hair Care   .625%
Car Replacement   1.30925%

I’ll report back at the end of the month and let you know how well we stayed within budget.

What are your most expensive budget categories?

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