Here is the budget for December 16th through January 15th.

December 2010/January 2011
Laundry 30 (reduced by $10 because I am going to start air drying clothes; fewer coins to pay!)
Rent 1000
Groceries 240 (I am planning on having a pantry challenge in January, so I have reduced this a bit)
Toiletries & Diapers 100 (new category I created this month so my grocery budget would actually reflect groceries, not diapers)
ComEd 40
AT & T 28
Comcast 82
Son’s school 549
Son’s after school language program 140
Son’s dance class 48
Misc. 50
Gas/Transportation 120
Restaurant & Entertainment 100
Student Loan 192
Life insurance 77
Husband’s spending money 25
My spending money 25
Weight Watchers 40
Tithes Private
TOTAL $2886

Starting January 1st, we will no longer have my income. That will make us $1,326 short each month. My husband applied for part-time teaching jobs, but he has not heard anything.  He did just find out yesterday that he will be getting a larger assistantship next smemster, so I think now we will be $1126 short each month.  I am planning on further trimming the next budget.  I am also doing my part to put money aside as I want to try to avoid dipping into emergency savings.

So far I have saved for January:

360.39 – refund from son’s old school
130.10 – payment for article writing
125.00 – payment for book review
200.00 – saved from my November pantry challenge
060.49 – payment for article writing
035.49 – payment for article writing
070.00 – short month at son’s language school; only had to pay for half the month, saved the difference
981.47 Total saved for January thus far

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