This week was an off week because the kids were sick, but we still had some learning time and some excitement at our house thanks to bobcat visitors!

Bobcat Sighting

A few days ago, we had unexpected visitors–a mama bobcat and her baby.  Our neighbors have a cat that roams the neighborhood, so when I called to my husband that there was a bobcat in the yard, he asked me if I was confused and it was really our neighbor cat!

The mama and baby checked out our front yard, and then my husband took off to follow them and get some pictures.  They jumped the neighbor’s 5 foot brick fence wall, and we thought that was the end of seeing them, but a few minutes later, they were in our backyard, walking along the brick fence wall.  The baby even used my husband’s garden as a cat litter.

We’ve lived here 3.5 years, and we’ve never seen a bobcat.  Our neighborhood is a crowded subdivision, so I was surprised that they were here.  Our weather has been very warm, so my husband speculates that is why they are coming into our area.  I don’t know if that’s true, but it was fun to see them while we were safely indoors.

First Holy Communion

PB & J Girl is preparing for her First Holy Communion, so we spent some time while Cuddle Bug was sick working on her banner.  She is crafty, so she really enjoyed the project.  (She’s not done yet because she got sick before she could finish.)

School Work

Our co-op ended the first week in December, and all of my kids came down with the flu one by one this week, so there was not much school going on.

We’re reading aloud our Advent book, Tabitha’s Travels, (though we’re a few days behind), and Cuddle Bug wanted to hear some of her new YWAM Heroes of History book, William Wilberforce, but other than that, things have been quiet.

Bookworm’s had his last Japanese online class this week, so he’s very excited to have a three week break.

How was your week last week?

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