Welcome to week five of the Debt Snowflake Challenge.

Since we put our credit cards in peanut butter, we have moved to a strictly cash system.  If you are used to using credit and debit cards and make the move to cash only, you may be surprised by how much change you begin to accumulate.  Rather than spend your change, set it aside.  Every night I empty my pockets and put the change into a glass jar.  Once a month, I turn that change in free of charge at my bank, and I snowflake that money.  There is enough every month for a $30 to $40 snowflake.  That is money I would have just absorbed into my budget.  Instead, the change is going to work paying down my debt.

What do you do with your spare change?  Have you snowflaked it?

Our Progress

This month I probably won’t be able to snowflake as much as I would like.  Next month we are traveling for one of my husband’s conferences.  The majority of expenses will be reimbursed, but we need to have the cash upfront to pay for it, so this month most of the money I would normally snowflake is being set aside for the trip.  Then, when I receive the reimbursement check, I will snowflake that.  Still, we did make some progress.

I turned in $30 worth of change and snowflaked that amount.

Loose change: $30

We were able to snowflake $30 since my last report a week ago. In the last fifteen weeks since we have gotten gazelle intense, we have “found” $5734.45 to snowflake!


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