There will be times when you are paying down debt when you may have to stop and focus on current expenses.  That is happening to us now.  We are facing many expenses in September including the following:

-Paying for my attendance, hotel, and travel for a conference as well as my husband, who will be going with me

-Paying for quarterly self-employment taxes

-Paying $99 for license plate registration

-Paying for my son’s dance class

-Renewing my blog hosting

-Paying for a food intolerance test for me so I know once and for all what foods to avoid.  (I think there will probably be more than milk and soy.)

-Saving to have cash to pay upfront for my husband’s trip to San Francisco for a conference.  (He gets reimbursed after the conference.)  I will also be going, and my portion of expenses won’t be reimbursed, obviously.

We are looking at several thousand dollars in expenses.  In the old days, we would use the credit card, but I would like to pay in cash, which means debt repayment comes to a halt.  Even more important than debt repayment right now is not incurring any new debt.  We have not incurred any new debt since we got gazelle intense last October, and I would like to keep it that way.  🙂

Our Progress

No progress, and likely no progress for several weeks.

In the last 43 weeks since we have gotten gazelle intense, we have “found” $7,499.25 to snowflake!

How are you doing?  Feel free to link up your progress.

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