I took a break from posting this challenge for a few weeks because I was feeling like I was making no progress.  I got tired of reporting, “No progress this week.”

But, isn’t that the way it goes?  Some weeks you make no progress and struggle just to avoid going back in the hole, and other weeks you make huge strides.

Now that our second credit card is paid off, I am able to roll that payment plus the payment from the first credit card we paid off onto our last credit card.  Instead of paying $225 a month on the last credit card, I am now able to pay $502 a month.  Finally, the snowball is beginning to pick up speed.

It feels so good to watch that snowball start rolling down the hill, faster and faster. . .

Our Progress

I was able to get several extra writing jobs this month, so yesterday, in addition to my new normal monthly payment of $502, I was able to snowflake another $400.

Finally, our credit card balance is down below $10,000!!!!!

In the last 39 weeks since we have gotten gazelle intense, we have “found” $7,499.25 to snowflake!

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