Since he was 3, my son has attended Japanese summer school.  It is a rigorous program, but he also gets to have fun attending field trips and playing outside for about an hour and a half a day.  All the Japanese that he forgets during the regular school year comes back to him, and he enjoys it.

This year, his little sister has joined him.

Just like that our cost have doubled.  

Paying for one child to go to Japanese school in the summer was expensive; paying for two children is prohibitive, especially when we have so much debt to pay off.

Thanks to our tax return, we were able to afford the first session, which only runs 3 weeks.  There are 2 more sessions for a total of 5 more weeks.  We had hoped we would have enough money to send the kids for the rest of the summer, but unless something unexpected happens, the money is not there.  We are still brainstorming ways we may get the extra money, but we only have a week and a half to come up with some of the money.

And though I know it is silly, I feel a bit like I have failed my children.

When I was young, there was no summer school or extracurricular activities.  There was just my bike and my best friend who lived a few doors down.  As a special treat every few weeks, we would spend the day at a friend of a friend’s pool.  I read a lot, and I played a lot.

Still, I feel sad that I can’t send the kids when they are enjoying going to Japanese school.  I feel the pain of sacrifice for debt repayment.

And that sadness and pain tells me that good things are happening in our lives.  We are living like no one else so later we can live like no one else.

Have you felt the pain of debt repayment lately?  Did it make you stronger in your resolve to be debt free so you can enjoy financial freedom in the future?

Our Progress

No progress this week.

In the last 36 weeks since we have gotten gazelle intense, we have “found” $7,099.25 to snowflake!

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