It is hard to believe, but my youngest child is two years old today.  It seems she was just a baby and my middle child, who is only 17 months older than her baby sister, used to clap Delaney’s feet and say, “Little feet, little feet” because she just loved how tiny Delaney’s little baby feet were.

Big brother meets his youngest sister two years ago. Look at her face. She still watches everything he does and wants to be with him all the time.

She doesn’t have little feet anymore, and my sweet, quiet baby is developing her independence.   She likes to do EVERYTHING herself, and if you try to help her, she will complain loudly and cry.

I thought carefully about what to get her for her birthday as well as how much to get her.  She got a fair amount of presents for Christmas that were age appropriate, but she would rather play with big brothers Legos or her sister’s toys.  I finally decided that our budget has been so tight recently and we are just now getting back to where can attack debt again, that I didn’t want to spend a lot for toys she probably wouldn’t play with.  So this year, I am giving her a minimalist’s birthday.  Her birthday is the first one of the year, so big brother and sister will probably have minimalist’s birthdays too.  I think in the future they will benefit from having debt free parents and college funds rather than a lot of presents on their birthdays.

Here is what my daughter is getting tonight for her birthday:

She received one new summer outfit for $18.48 (she loves frogs and just gets hand me downs from her sister, so I try to get her a new outfit for her birthday and at Christmas), 2 toddler books and a Melissa and Doug stacking toy bought from Once Upon a Child with a 20% off discount thanks to selling all of my eBay inventory there last summer.  The books and toys were $9.59 after the discount.

All told I spent $28.07 for her presents.

Our Progress

Our taxes have finally been filed, and with any luck, we will get the return by April 27th, according to the accountant.  We have started to receive some of our flexible spending reimbursement.  My husband’s paycheck was bigger this month than last, and I picked up several extra jobs this past week, so overall the financial situation is improving enough that I felt comfortable snowflaking this week.

It is hard to believe, but we have not been able to snowflake since February 24th, eight long weeks ago!  I am so happy that we are finally able to snowflake again!

Writing/V.A. Job:  $80

In February I earmarked one of my weekly jobs strictly for debt repayment.  This week, I began that practice again and took the money I made and applied it to our lowest balance credit card.  Snowflaking again is making me ridiculously happy!

I also had several unexpected jobs that I want to snowflake, but I will wait to do that until the tax refund is in our account.  I don’t want to have our bank account too small as we head into the beginning of the month.

We were able to snowflake $80 this week. In the last 26 weeks since we have gotten gazelle intense, we have “found” $6,022.48 to snowflake!

How did you do this week?  Feel free to link up and share your progress.


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