We swore off credit cards five months ago, and for the most part, we haven’t looked back.

However, we recently travelled 1,600 miles round trip for my husband’s conference, and since we didn’t have a debit card, the idea of travelling with all of the cash we needed for a 6 day trip and 5 nights in a hotel plus money for gas and expenses freaked us out a bit.  I was not comfortable paying for a hotel in cash our first night on the road.  That just seemed like an invitation to shout, “We are carrying lots of cash with us!”

My husband felt the same way, so we compromised.  We dug the credit card out of peanut butter, and we used it for our first night’s hotel stay.  At the VRBO we stayed at the remaining 4 nights, we were able to pay by check, and we bought all of our purchases and gas with cash.

Don’t worry, I have already made an electronic payment on our credit card to pay off the hotel charge and the credit card is firmly encased in peanut butter again.  However, this trip did highlight the fact that we will sometimes need plastic to pay, and if it isn’t to be a credit card, then it needs to be a debit card.

In line with last week’s theme of stretching the budget as far as possible, we decided to get not just a debit card, but a cash back debit card.  Now, when we use our debit card, we will also be earning cash back.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

Our Progress:

Once again, we did not snowflake this week.  However, the good news is that March is almost over, and despite our large deficit, we have not had to raid our emergency fund, go in debt again with the credit card or borrow money.  We are working hard and getting through, which hopefully means in April we can start snowflaking again.

Meanwhile, keep me inspired by linking up your progress!


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