One of the first things you may do when you decide to get gazelle intense is to reduce your expenses each month.  Still, no matter how deeply you cut the budget, you will still have basic expenses such as gasoline and food.

When you think there is no way you can cut deeper, there is.

For example, let’s say you need to buy paper for your printer.  Rather than running to the store, if you instead go through Ebates and shop an office supply store online such as Staples through Ebates’ site, you can get a 2.5% rebate on your purchase.  If you make many of your necessary purchases through Ebates, over time, you can build up quite a large rebate, which can be used for snowflaking.

Likewise, instead of just pulling up to the gas station and buying your gas, shop ahead, buy a discounted gift card, and realize immediate savings.  For instance, a site like Gift Card Granny will show you current gift cards available, what sites you can buy them from, and how much you can save.  Right now,  BP gas gift cards are available for 8% off face value on eBay.   You can also buy grocery store gift cards for 1 to 5% off retail value.

One word of caution–eBay auctions for gift cards tend to get bid up so there isn’t much savings.  Instead, use Gift Card Granny to steer you to other sites such as Cardpool and Plastic Jungle where the discount rates are set.  Right now Plastic Jungle has an Albertson’s gift card valued at $100 for $98.  Sure, $2 off is not a huge discount, but if you use gift cards for the majority of your necessary purchases, you have now found another way to whittle down your monthly expenses, and the savings can be snowflaked on your debt.

Last year, we bought gift cards for our recurring purchases through my son’s school.  They have a program that pays the school a rebate and the parent a rebate for buying the gift cards through the school.  At the end of the school year, I had accrued more than $40 in rebates, just for using gift cards instead of cash or credit card for my regular purchases.

Our Progress:

Once again, we did not snowflake this week.  However, the good news is that March is almost over, and despite our large deficit, we have not had to raid our emergency fund, go in debt again with the credit card or borrow money.  We are working hard and getting through, which hopefully means in April we can start snowflaking again.

Meanwhile, keep me inspired by linking up your progress!

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