Woo hoo!  In case you missed it, I paid off my student loan in December!!

That had been my goal all year long, and I wasn’t sure I was going to make it, but I did.  I’m so happy to be rid of that beast!  Now the only debt left is my husband’s student loan debt.

My student loan:  $0                      -658.95

Husband’s student loan #1:  $12,813.81                 +25.31

Husband’s student loan #2: $16,475.26               +46.92

Total:  $29,289.07                                 -586.72

A few notes:

The Negative:

I didn’t make any payments on my husband’s student loans for reasons I’ll explain below.

The Positive:

The student loan is paid off!

Emergency Fund

Our emergency fund is now at $2,100.

My husband’s employer regularly docks his paycheck in October and November.  My husband is taking classes to get another Master’s and his employer pays, but if the amount of his classes goes over a certain limit, we have to pay more taxes.  In October and November of this year, each month, his paycheck was almost $400 less.  We were able to survive with this and thought we would receive a full paycheck in December.  Instead, they docked that paycheck by $800!  We had to raid the emergency fund to make up for the $1,600 we weren’t paid over the last 3 months, and I opted not to pay my husband’s student loans this month since they’re in deferment.

When we became Gazelle Intense on October 20, 2011, our balance was $57.966.01.  Since then, we have paid down 49.4% of our debt, or $28,676.94.

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