This is the second to last report for the year.  That means I have one more month to pay off my student loan.  I didn’t know if that was possible most of this year, but now I’m quite sure it will happen.  I can’t wait to be down to just my husband’s student loans!

My student loan:  $658.95                      -337.70

Husband’s student loan #1:  $12,788.50                -70.15

Husband’s student loan #2: $16,428.34              -26.90

Total:  $29,875.79                            -434.75

A few notes:

The Negative:

No negatives.

The Positive:

Woo hoo!  Our total debt is finally under $30,000!!!!

Emergency Fund

Our emergency fund is now at $3,700.

Starting this month, I’ll begin setting aside money regularly in the emergency fund, and I’ll also be putting aside money for car repairs and car replacement, so if all goes well, our savings should continue to increase.

When we became Gazelle Intense on October 20, 2011, our balance was $57.966.01.  Since then, we have paid down 48.4% of our debt, or $28,090.22.

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