I recently read that the best way to limit the use of your credit cards, save cutting them up, is to not freeze them in water and place them in the freezer as people sometimes do, but rather to stick them deep into a jar of peanut butter.  While it is relatively easy to unthaw credit cards if you freeze them in water, it is rather gross to stick your hand deep into peanut butter to dig out your credit cards.

So, this week we have put our cards in the peanut butter, and, for good measure, we have put the jar of peanut butter in the bottom of the freezer, making it even more difficult to get to them.

In addition, I cancelled all of the recurring monthly payments that we put on our credit card such as our monthly delivery of diapers from Amazon using the Amazon Prime account with free shipping.  (It is a good thing that I cancelled too–I only had a few weeks left on my free Prime account before they would have automatically charged me $79.95 a year!)  Now, as we won’t be using our cards virtually or physically, there is nowhere for our balances to go but down.

What strategies have you used to stop spiraling credit card debt?

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