Just like I record weekly how much I have been able to earn for our family in The Saved Quarter Challenge, I am starting a new weekly feature, Debt Free Journey, which will recount what we have paid on our debts in the previous week.

This week was another week of crazy snowflaking!

I sold my kid’s booster seat (like a high chair) for $10 on Craiglist in addition to my daughter’s infant snowsuit from last year for $5.

Selling baby items on Craigslist: $15.00

I took in the nickels, dimes and pennies we had accumulated last month, and, when rounded up with the change in my pocket, I got $16

Accumulated change: $16.00

I cashed out an investment we had that wasn’t making me any money to the tune of $700.

Cashed Out Investment: $700

I took on a new virtual assistant job recently, and since that is extra money that we don’t technically need to make our monthly budget, I decided that all money I make from that particular job will be snowflaked.

Virtual assistant job: $44

We did many different activities over the last week to find money to snowflake on our debt, and the result was that we were able to snowflake $775  since my last report a week ago! In the eight weeks since we have gotten gazelle intense, we have “found” $3442 to snowflake!

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