Just like I record weekly how much I have been able to earn for our family in The Saved Quarter Challenge, I am starting a new weekly feature, Debt Free Journey, which will recount what we have paid on our debts in the previous week.

We continue to find ways to snowflake.  Before I cancelled my Amazon Prime account, I was supposed to get a monthly delivery of diapers, but we were out of town, so UPS returned them to sender.  I spent some time on the phone with Amazon getting my money back.  After it was all over $29.18 was returned to our remaining personal credit card.

Returned merchandise: $29.18

I have had a pretty good month so far with my income, so we took $336.99 of that income and paid off our personal credit card with the lowest balance.  YEAH!

Extra Income Applied: $336.99

My son’s Japanese lessons are cancelled for Veteran’s Day and the Thanksgiving break, so tuition this month was $130 cheaper than it usually is.  Since I was going to use that money to pay his tuition anyway, it went straight to our business credit card, which is the next card in line to be paid off.

Reduction in regular monthly expenses: $130.00

We did many different activities this week to find money to snowflake on our debt, and the result was that we were able to snowflake $496.17 this week! In the three weeks since we have gotten gazelle intense, we have “found” $1197.73 to snowflake!

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