Just like I record weekly how much I have been able to earn for our family in The Saved Quarter Challenge, I am starting a new weekly feature, Debt Free Journey, which will recount what we have paid on our debts in the previous week.

We had another great week! I sold a few more of my son’s outgrown clothes on Craigslist for $10.  I also sold the 24 remaining storage tubs that I used for eBay for $75.  It is great to make money from the tubs, but it is also great to have some of my space back and the last reminders of that worthless business gone.

Total sold on Craigslist: $85

My husband and I have been throwing our change in jars for about a  year now.  One day I turned in all of the money to our local bank and walked away with $210!  I couldn’t believe we had that much change.  What a huge snowflake!

Total change redeemed: $210.00

I pulled out my winter coat because it has gotten quite nippy around here, and I was pleasantly surprised to find $43 in the pocket from last winter.  That was easy to snowflake since I had obviously forgotten about it from last winter.

Found money: $43.00

We normally budget in $100 a week for groceries.  Last week I only spent $87, so I snowflaked the difference.

Money not used on groceries: $13.00

Finally, my son has been getting his hair cut at a little kiddie hair salon because he has some cowlicks.  He has been asking me for a crew cut because several of the boys in his class have them, so a few nights ago I cut his hair that way.  He looks different, but the hair cut doesn’t look bad.  Since I would have paid money to have his hair cut anyway, we snowflaked the $18 we saved.

Cut my son’s hair at home: $18.00

We did many different activities this week to find money to snowflake on our debt, and the result was that we were able to snowflake $369 this week!  In the two weeks since we have gotten gazelle intense, we have “found” $701.56 to snowflake!

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