Just like I record weekly how much I have been able to earn for our family in The Saved Quarter Challenge, I am starting a new weekly feature, Debt Free Journey, which will recount what we have paid on our debts in the previous week.

Last week, we had a great week!  I put my son’s outgrown clothes on Craigslist.  A person saw the stuff I was listing and asked if I had anything else.  I did, so I sent her pictures of all of the other stuff; I asked for $150, and she immediately backed off.  I countered with $100, and she quickly accepted.  I think I sold it a bit too quickly, but it would have been a pain to list everything individually and meet up with a number of sellers, so she really did me a favor.  I also sold 35 storage tubs that I used for eBay, and earned $35.

Total sold on Craigslist: $135

I had some kids clothes I bought about 6 weeks ago that the kids really didn’t need.  Since I hadn’t taken off any tags, I returned all of it to get $68.57 credited back on my card.  I also had 5 clothes that I had bought for myself for our trip to Washington D.C., but I ended up finding other pieces I had in the closet that I had forgotten about, so I returned all of the clothes and got a $103.99 credit.

Total for unused, returned merchandise: $172.56

Last month, I paid my credit card bill electronically on the due date, but one hour after the 7 p.m. cut off.  I was hit with a $25 late fee.  I called last week and asked to have it removed, which the person on the phone happily agreed to do.  This took less than 5 minutes.

Late fee reversed: $25.00

All of this activity was on the same card, which happens to be the first card on our debt snowball.  Between the items I sold, the items I returned and the reversal of the late fee, we were able to snowflake $332.56 this week!

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