We love, love, love blueberries around here.

Last year, Blueberry Giant  offered two blueberry bushes for $10 (plus $6.95 shipping and handling), with the option to get a third bush for free (just pay additional shipping of $4.95 for the free one).  That would be a total of $21.90 for 3 blueberry bushes.

We bought them to plant at my mom’s house, but we couldn’t get to my mom’s house in time to plant them.  She didn’t plant them either, so the bushes died.  🙁

The deal is available again right now, so we are going to buy these once again and try again this season.  We love blueberries, and they are very expensive to buy organic, so having our own bushes would be great.

I know some of my readers last year bought these.  If you bought these, how are they doing this year?

Have any of you ever bought plants like this?  Did they grow and save your family money?  Would you recommend doing so?

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