Like most Americans, I know Davy Crockett’s name, but now that public school history is decades in the rear view mirror, I had trouble remembering why he was famous.

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That changed when Cuddle Bug and I read Davy Crockett: Ever Westward by Janet & Geoff Benge as part of her history curriculum made up entirely of reading books in the Heroes of History series.

For the first few chapters, I felt bad for Crockett.  His father was an alcoholic who owned an inn, and when David was just twelve, his father hired him out to travel with a man for several weeks to help him get his livestock back home.  Davy’s father didn’t tell him how long the job would last, or when he would get back home.  So began the rough teenage years when he was largely independent, either working for himself or working to pay off his father’s debts.

David also had trouble in his love life.  He proposed to three different women before he finally got his bride.

Yet, he had smart ideas and he was industrious.  His life was good.  Later in life, he took on a role in the government, first for his local town, then for the state.  Eventually, he made it to the U.S. government and served terms in Washington, D.C.

At this point in the book, I still wasn’t sure why he was famous.  I was impressed, however, when I read that when the bill to relocate the Native Americans from the South to the West was voted on, Crockett voted against it and petitioned others to do the same.  This move, and the fact that he went against the then sitting president, Andrew Jackson, could have spelled the end of his political career, but it didn’t.

Thanks to his down to Earth, honest, simple approach to life, Davy Crockett became a legend in his own time.  This helped revitalize his injured political career.

While this wasn’t the most suspenseful book in the Heroes of History series, we both enjoyed it and learned a lot more about David Crockett.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars on the Mom’s Plans’ scale.

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